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Thanks to all the Web Team members for recovering the site! The new software looks great!
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Greg Ellis

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It's great to have it back, I really missed it over the past couple of weeks. I found I couldn't log in and had to re-register. Did I just forget my old log in or does everybody have to re-register?

Hopefully we'll be able to get back all the old info, it was a great resource. Fortunately ebeeby, I kept the link to your fine photographic record of your 1929 Old Town recanvassing. I have a 1975 Langford to recanvass, hopefully over the winter.

Andy Hutyera

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We owe a big thanks to the Web guys for getting us back up and running. Having had a few narrow escapes from byte heaven I know the sinking feeling when you discover that the backups are deep sixed too. Thanks guys for all your work!! I've been missing this site for too long.