Canvas Sealer/Filler


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I searched the forum for a recommendation for sealer for new canvas covering. Just stripped off the canvas from my 1919 OT, and will be recovering the canoe with 10 oz canvas, but I have not found out what is an acceptable sealer. Much reference in Jerry Stelmok's book about different types of sealer, but no actual reference to a product.
Any thoughts on what to use? I will ultimately paint it with Kirby's oil based enamel.
two options

Option 1. Call Bill Clements and get a gal from him.
Option 2. Get Zinsser water tite from the hardware store and take your chances. I've had two canoes that the finish crackled because I think I put it on too thick. Only good thing about Zinsser is that it's cheap $25.00 and cures alot faster. But Clement's cost twice as much and is four times better.

I did the math.
I like the first recipe in the link Fitz posted above. It's worked fine for me so far and I like that I can match the brand and color of enamel needed for the filler with what I'm painting the canoe with. The rest of the stuff is quick to find in my neighbourhood, which makes things easier as well.

I've not used Bill's filler but he sure gets rave reviews on it so that's a sure bet if you don't want to make your own. I've used Pat Chapmans (I actually don't know if he still sells it, cannot find it on his website) and a can of Rollin Thurlows that someone gave me. Both were excellent. I can recommend either one.

The Zinser stuff...well, it's your 25 bucks.