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Todd F

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Now that it is a few months behind me I figured I would share what is now an amusing effort to transport two canoes.

I travelled from Virginia to Michigan to pick up two nice canoes. While a long drive it was uneventful. 20220628_232719.jpg

Now loaded up and heading back down south I noticed the transmission acting up.20220709_104539.jpg The fluid on the ground is not a spilled cherry soda! Had to spend 2 nights in a rest area while AAA and the Penn Turnpike Authorities worked out who would tow me.

After getting towed off the Turnpike I spent another 2 nights sleeping in the truck waiting on AAA to find me someone who was willing to tow my to West Virginia.20220710_133233.jpg

Finally heading south again we entered to hills of West Virginia and ran into more trouble.20220710_151547.jpg

Fortunately we were able to get a replacement belt and back on our way. Was able to make it to Davis WV and met up with a buddy who borrowed a flatbed for the final leg back to Virginia Beach.20220712_114845.jpg

As I always tell myself it is the experiences you have and the people you meet along the way that make it worth it.

patrick corry

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Always an adventure. Glad you can look back on the trip with humor. When you re-launch those canoes you'll have a unique story to go along with the joy of paddling a canoe you brought back to life!
Todd F

Todd F

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Yea I hear ya. I have read posts about folks getting canoes and admired what they go through to get them home to be restored. Fully agree about how nice it will be to get them underway again.


Canoe Grampa
Nice job Todd! The effort will be well worth it when you save from the burn pile two beautiful old craft who'll now be a part of many more memories made.
Enjoy the restorations. Gary