Filler, mixing, applying and method?


Chest Nut
Naturally as I search for answers it is leading to more questions.

Is it normal now to use just a roller to apply the filler?

Can a roller have the same effect as brushing in the first coat of filler with a 2" brush to get into the weave of the canvas?

next ?
when you apply the filler with a roller, do you do the entire canoe in on the 1st coat or do you do 3 coats at once on small secions? (as described on pg. 190 of "Building the Maine Guide Canoe")


It will be quite awhile before I will need filler so I'm thinking of sourcing the materials to mix my own. I've come across a few recipes which seem simple enough. But how do you mix the recipe ingredients together? Is there a sequence preferred in the mixing or is everything just thrown in and stirred up like soup?


Fredericton, NB