EVENT CANCELLATION Great Rivers paddle

Paul Miller

Canoe Nut
Hi members of the Great Rivers Chapter,

The river paddle for next Sunday the 13th has been cancelled due to water conditions.

We hope to do something similar at a later date.


Event Cancellation

I was out at the site of this event this AM, in case anyone missed the notices that the event was cancelled. Nobody else showed up, so we did well enough. Or maybe it was the 36 degreeF temperature, coupled with the 20-30mph winds, and the bone-chilling dampness that goes right through you, that kept everyone away.

In any case, even if we hadn't pulled the plug on this a week ago, the wind is well over the speed that would have forced cancellation, per the District standards. This little lake had whitecaps!

Beyond that, the ground at the water's edge is so saturated after this week's rains, that any number of people walking the shorelines would have created an erosion issue. This place is a MESS!

So Murphy's Law has trumped us. Will try again, probably in August or September.....