Eastern Red Cedar

Fritz Koenig

get out and put in
Does anybody have experience or knowledge using Eastern Red Cedar.

I have been exploring the idea of using it in lieu of Eastern White or Western Red Cedar. What I have learned is that it is heavier so I cut a rib at 1/8 rather than a 1/4 to get close to the weight of the White Cedar. The rib holds shape and is strong but not as rigid. The planking at 3/32 is as strong as Western at 5/32 but again more flexable. My concern is that the the canoe will be too flexable and will not paddle well?? Does anybody know if this is true. Will a keel eliminate the problem/concern.

Another concern I had is that it would look like a cedar chest. However, to get consistant density and balance I think I would be sure to use only heartwood which would be fairly consistant in color and avoid the white and red apearance. Also, I found that if I soaked the wood rather than steam it, it looses a good bit of color which tones it down a bit which is good or bad depending upon what you want.
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