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I have a 17 White I am working on, I believe it is from the mid to early teens. The plate on the back indicates iot was purchased from New York Sporting Goods Co Warren ST. New York. I am looking to date this one and to find out which seat would have been correct the rectangular one or the one with the bent frame. Any help would be Appreciated.


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Hi Al,

I have an early 17' E.M. White with the New York Sporting Goods tag on the rear deck. Best estimate is that it dates from somewhere in the late 1800s because gunwale ends have leather caps, and family history dates it back into 1800s. It was built with the D-shaped stern seat. You should be able to tell whether the one you're working on had the D-shaped seat or not because the location of the straps that supported the rear of the seat should show on the gunwales and maybe underside of the rail caps.

I'd love to compare photos of the NY Sporting Goods tags and the E.M. White tags on these two canoes.

1912 NYSG brochure attached below.


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The closed rails would indicate that it was pre 1920. The thwart bolted under the rail and not mortised or half-lapped into the rail would indicate it was after 1900. From the picture it appears that the thwart is a fwd thwart which is normally just fwd of where the bow seat would be if there was a bow seat. The early Guide canoes would not have a bow seat. They would expect the "Sport" who sat up fwd to be sitting in the bottom of the canoe , perhaps on a collapsible folding seat. The stern seat would be of the D-shaped design and placed fairly far aft. the stern of the seat would be just about even with the foot of the stem.
Does anyone have an accurate picture of how this seat attaches to the canoe? I will have to make a replacement...
Al Bratton