Drum Sander

white cedar

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi: I was wondering if any of you have built a drum sander similar to the one shown in "The Wood and Canvas Canoe" by Jerry Stelmok and Rollin Thurlow? If so I'd like to see some photos, thinking of building one.
Thanks, WC
It's hard to tell from the photo in the book whether their drum is rigid or flexible.
The one I built (photos attached), intended for sanding paddles, has an inflatable 10"w x 9"dia drum purchased from SandRite Chicago; http://www.sand-rite.com/index.html

The rest was cobbled together; old furnace motor, newly bought bearings, self-machined arbor.

Sanding sleeves are available, made locally, about $8 each.
drum sander 1.jpgdrum sander 2.jpg
That looks as if it would work perfect. My initial thought was to build a drum from plywood and wood strips and cover it with carpet. Thanl you for your photos.