Double ender

Rob Stevens

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Saw this on the lawn across the street from a garage sale. Didn't even ask the price. Glassed.
And I don't have a trailer, or room to store it. Does that mean I have overcome the "just one more" syndrome?
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Go for it Rob. I did and I believe mine is a Peterborough Belmont or similar from 1925. Brought back to the UK in the early 1940s. But the advantage was that it came with a trailer, tailored cover and hoops.





LOVES Wooden Canoes
ROB....I guess I am not alone at having taken way too much sun last weekend. And you surely are not over the addiction....., as evidenced by your asking for our advice. Do it as you did when you were 12 and did not consider the consequences. It has to be worth at least 50 to 800 dollars. Tell us all more when she is on your back lawn. Good luck, my friend. Dave

Benson Gray

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As Dan Miller once pointed out, "This is the support group from hell..." Good luck,

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Dan Lindberg

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That depends on whether you collect canoes or wood boats.
I used to collect canoes, I passed on many boats.
A guy has to draw the line someplace.

Being a Minnesotian, I'd pass on that one also.