Different Length Canoes From Same Form.

Scot T

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I've been reading that some makers construct different length canoes (longer) from one form. Chestnut and Greenwood are just a couple examples I'm familiar with but there were/are lots of others. There must be some of you out there right now that do this on a regular basis.

How does one go about that? Where is the length added? Longer stems perhaps? I have ideas but I'd like to hear from you pros. Any pitfalls to look out for?

Thanks and Happy New Year All.
I put in longer stems.

It changes the way the gunnels come together, but is do-able. And you have to be careful about planking at the ends. 6" at each end seems to be the limit before greater challenges set in.
Adding length at the stems by just adding a longer stem is fairly easy to do but as noted before its almost always limited to six inches or less. It does make the entry of the canoe sharper and more hollow along the waterline. Its harder to add length in the middle unless you can take the form apart. That was the most common method with the large manufactures but its not too common today to find a expanable form. The middle section is just not a straight section but has to be a bit larger and conform to the curve of the boat. Not too tricky to do but certainly a time consuming project that most builders don't feel its worth it.
YEEAA...Ah..Nope...I don't think I'll be messing with cutting my form in half just to make a longer boat. I was more curious than anything.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the info.