Did Old Town Decks ever get used on White canoes?

Dan Lindberg

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I'm likely to get a 18.5 ft White Guide, 1955, that as best I can tell, has the older style OT decks, could this be?

The front deck still(?) has the White name plack on it.

Old Town did not purchase White until 1984 so there is no obvious reason why a 1955 White would have an old style Old Town deck. My decal research described at http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?t=6477 and the catalogs indicate that Old Town started using the new style decks by 1949. Check for a serial number and see if it matches an Old Town build record. It is also possible that someone simply replaced the deck or added the name plate after this canoe was shipped. Let us know what you find.

You are quick Benson,

S/N 18 1/2 - 55 - 2485

The pics aren't the best but see attached.



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That is clearly an 18 1/2 foot long White that was built in 1955 with serial number 2485. White used a number of deck styles over the years and this appears to be another variation. The deck is similar to an early style Old Town but has two 'bumps' on each side instead of a single point. This is particularly interesting because it helps confirm that the model canoe deck attached below is probably a White as well. See http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?t=5341 for more information about this model.



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Thanks Benson,

I knew there was something about the deck that didn't look quite right, either as a early Old Town or even a Thompson.

The canoe was worked on to some degree, but I don't know how much wood work was done, but thought it was possible the decks could have been replaced.

The back story is that this canoe was purchased (possibly) new by Gene Jenson and possibly w/o canvas, he added the glass and may have used it as a race canoe for a short time. He also had a Peterborough that Peter M got.

If the story is true, it's likely that dissatisfation with these lead to Jenson and the other MN long distance canoe racers developing and making strip race canoes in the late 50's or early 60's.