Rarest Old Town model ever made?


If you do fly south for the winter, you know you're always welcome... come see us! As you know, we only have a couple of display models, but we also have a few full-sized canoes you might enjoy seeing. We'll have to apologize for the spring-like conditions, though, with the blazing colors of flowers and the mercury high in the thermometer causing your poor retinas to ache!

There is a common assumption that rarity corresponds to desirability and value. Roger's search of the records started with an interest in counting the model canoes which appear to currently be among the most valuable items that Old Town ever produced based on some of the recent auction prices. One of the ironies here is that Roger's research so far has indicated that the model canoes are not exceptionally rare. Michael makes another very good point that quality, aesthetics, and other intangible factors are usually more important than rarity alone. The bottom line is that demand appears to be a bigger factor than rarity in the market value equation and that is even harder to quantify. I'm just glad that I can still afford to buy some of the interesting things that Old Town made.