Delaware Valley Chapter Canvassing Party

Jim Wilson

WCHA Member
Sunday, March 12th, seventeen of us gathered at Al Bratton's shop to put some new canvas on a 1944 Old Town HW. The magic of putting on a new skin always brings out a good bunch.

Al treated us to his own method of doing the job. Most people I know either do it right side up or upside down, and there always seems to be a discussion about which technique is the way to go. Al has to be different. He starts out with the canoe upside down. After stretching is done, he flips the boat over and continues with it rightside up. I would be willing to venture that it was a new technique for most of us there.

With the canoe wearing a nice new canvas, we adjourned inside to eat, and we had plenty of food to keep us at that for awhile.

Next month, we are back on the water.


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