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Jim Wilson

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It's time for our yearly (or almost yearly) trip on the Delaware. This Saturday, Aug 12th, we will be pladdling the stretch from Dingmans Ferry down to Bushkill. It's a pretty stretch within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Easy paddling with lots of good spots to stop to eat and swim.

We will meet at the Dingman's access at 10AM and run a shuttle down to Bushkill before putting in. Bring lunch, plenty of water and the usual safety gear.

The weather for Saturday sounds great so plan on joining us.

Contact Al Bratton

PS: If you are solo and in need of a paddling partner. Let us know. Maybe we can help.
Questions about the delaware river trip

Hi, where is the Dingmans access point? How long is the trip in miles /time? What class water is it? Where is the Bushkill take out point? Ive never did the Delaware river and would be interested in trying this.Reason Im asking about the particulars is I cant make this trip since Im heading to the Ads on Sunday.Thanks--CV
Delaware River Paddle

Our streak of great weather for our paddles continues. Sunday, the Delaware Valley Chapter had another great day on the water. The weather was perfect. Mid 70's.....not a cloud to be seen.....even a tailwind most of the way!

Seven boats showed up at Dingmans Ferry, PA for the 10 mile trip down to Bushkill. The paddle can be done in about 3 hours, but with such a nice day and great company, we managed to extend it by a fair bit.

Some summers, the river can be low enough here that you are out of the boat walking at each section of fast water. This year the river gods cooperated, and we left no new paint on the rocks.

We took a number of breaks along the route. We had a nice stop for lunch and an imprompu rock skipping competition. We couldn't resist a swimming break. The water was just the right temperature. We even took an unscheduled break when a couple of our paddlers (no names) went for an unscheduled swim over a poorly placed rock in the middle of a bit of whitewater. (Been there....done that!)

Another terrific day on the water. Let's hope that our streak of good weather holds true for next month's weekend at Promised Land State Park in the Poconos.