Delaware Valley Chapter March gathering

Jim Wilson

WCHA Member
This Sunday, March 11th, the Delaware Valley Chapter will be meeting at Al Bratton's house/shop to delve into the mysteries of steam bending wood. If you are anywhere near the Philadelphia area, plan on joining us. (Of course, you are still welcome if you want to come from Seattle, but it might be a bit inconvenient for you.)

We will view Rollin's video on the subject of steam bendingand then go out to the shop to torture some unsuspecting wood. It can be chilly in the shop this time of year so dress accordingly...or stand real close to the steambox.

Afterwards, we will adjourn to the house for some food and trading lies. Hope you can join us. All are welcome!

Contact Al Bratton for more info: 610-326-9282 or
Well, we had about a dozen members yesterday for our steam bending seminar. Most of us had never seen Rollin's video on the topic, and it turned out to be quite interesting. I think we all picked up a few new tips. Afterwards, we headed out to the shop and Al showed us some of his methods. The more I see of this canoe building stuff, the more I realize that everyone seems to have different methods to accomplish the same thing. It was certainly the first time I had seen wood steamed in a microwave! The post-session food was good (as always), and the company was equally so.

Next month we will be back on the water. Hope to see some of you there!