Deck Tag?


Rolf Warncke
I just removed the deck from the 1922 OT HW that I've started to redo. Stripping all day:( The deck has what appears to be a place where a tag was once fastened. Did Old Town attach metal tags to their canoes back then? The spacing between the nails is about 1-3/8" and the tag was about 3/4" high. The deck is the original but it is going to be replaced. I've attached a picture of the deck.


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I don't think it is anything that Old Town used. Could be a tag related to a canoe rental or livery. Could also be something from a store that may have sold it originally.
Thank you once again Benson and Dave. Yes it is the 67629 canoe, so it was originally sold to Macy's in NYC. Thanks for the reference to the thread with the tags. Interesting!