Morris age

Gil Cramer

The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.
Does anybody have any definitive info which would help determine the age of this Morris canoe? The canoe is 15' long and appears to be a model "A" except with an 11" depth. The canoe has a medallion on the front deck indicating that it was sold by The Folsom Arms Company in New York City. It never had a keel, and was clenched with copper cut tacks(not canoe tacks). The interior has been stripped of varnish and there is no indication of it ever having a brass tag. I've checked all of the usual and unusual places that Morris placed a tag, and no evidence could be found anywhere. The stem is relative plumb without much recurve, which is usually indicative of a build date around 1900. The garboard planks are 5" wide and the shear planks in the quarters are almost 6" wide with the other planking 3 3/4". All of the planking looks to be Atlantic White cedar with the garboards flat grain and the remainder vertical grain. The center thwart is the same shape that I've seen in other 15' Morris canoes. The seats look like Morriis seats, but might have been replaced years ago. Thanks for any help.
I need to take some photos and email them to the owner so I'll try to post some next week. The canoe is almost ready for canvas. One interesting aspect that I didn't mention before is the shear plank. It ends well below the top of the inwale. In fact. almost even with the bottom of the inwale, similar to an early Gerrish.
Did you ever take photos of this canoe? If so could you email them to me? Or failing that put me in touch with the owner.
Thanks, Denis