Morris Metal Tags

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Two Morris canoes have turned up with a metal tag different from the metal tag on our new old Morris. The one on our canoe says "B.N. Morris/Builder/Veazie, ME". Two other canoes have tags reading "The Morris/Canoe Factory/Veazie, ME", and, as with the tag on our canoe, the tag is on a thwart. It's my feeling these two are older and pre-date naming the company "B.N. Morris". I'll post a picture eventually. This canoe also has wrap-around copper on the nose like an early E.M. White. The thwarts and seat frames have a bit more woodworking detail and the heart deck is somewhat different but I can't determine exactly what it is from pictures taken at a distance (canoe was waaaay up high). All of these canoes have only two pairs of cant ribs. The owner of the canoe will send us more pictures.