Dating an Old Town 13' 50 Pounder


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Last year I was given this 13' OT 50 Pounder. It's been pretty well chewed by North Carolina squirrels and suffers from its share of wood rot as well. Missing includes most of both stems so I can't even guess the serial #.

What it does have is the type of keel screws that have built-in washers, so cup washers aren't used. It also has D shaped outer rails that screwed from the inside of the canoe. And hand-caned seats.

20211015_135941.jpg 20211015_140043.jpg 20211014_124315.jpg

From this info can someone guess how old it might be?

I can tell you I've had two other 50 pounders that had these types of keel washers: One was an 11 footer from 1930, another a 15 footer from 1945. I've also had a 13 footer from 1960 but its keel screws were the type that used cup washers. Indeed, the only canoe I've ever seen that used these keel screws with build-in washers were 50 Pounders.
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