Custom Metal Deck Plate


Does anybody know where I could find a company that would make a metal deck plate for my canoe (with Canoe Co. Logo and Serial Number)?

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Check with trophy and plaque companies, engravers and the like.

Is it your logo? Copyright and counterfeitting and whatnot.

Here's one example of what these companies can typically do. But just to let you know, I've looked into this type of thing (not for canoe nameplates) and find that whether it's a silkscreened t-shirt, something fabricated of metal, or anything that's not simply digitally printed, it's always prohibitively expensive.

I imagine that considering the setup charges for creating dies to stamp or cut the metal...
programming the logo and words into the software for the laser to cut...
or burning the screen for printing the color onto the metal plate...

would probably leave you with something silly, like a $1000 nameplate. That's assuming you can find a company willing to go to all that effort for a one-off, as companies doing this stuff consider 500 items a "short run".

Now, if you would be building your own canoes for sale, then 500 nameplates for your own small boatbuilding company is a lot more reasonable to consider! Good luck, and let us know.
Metal plate or decal?

If you're looking for a Peterborough, Chestnut or Canadian canoe Co. deck decal. Try Ivy Lea press - Roger MacGregor. He produces repro decals for Canadian canoes and he's a darn nice guy to boot! I'm not trying to sell stuff for Roger, just giving a suggestion as to where to go for decals to help in your restoration. Loren Sherman