Dave Osborn

Curses to those who ever thought that steel screws and nails should be used to hold wooden canoes together!!!

calming down in the Northwoods.....

you must be working on a Shell Lake?

Someone put a few steel screws in my 1916 HW in the outwales. But I'll never wish them any ill. It's bad enough being a Michigander.

I guessed Shell Lake as I did one last summer. Hated the steel. They did things differently in Shell Lake.

And yes, Ferdy, it is worse to be from the Lower Penninsula.
Below the bridge-like a Troll.
Or, as we are referred to with sarcastic affection: Fudgies.

From my house I can make it to Joann's in Mackinaw City, buy a pound of fudge, and be back home in about 8 hours. Without ever going over 80mph.
Ya, it's been a long 3 months, but I'm going back the week after easter week.

I did mention to the wife one night that I was thinking about putting the camper on the truck and then we could explore our new state on the weekends this summer.

Not sure if I can get this done but if so, we'll get to see some of the state.

If you are able to do some exploration in the U.P., please stop by! We usually have at least one spare bedroom, and Denis knows where all the cool stuff is up here. He used to be a Forest Ranger in the Porcupine Mountains and at Seney.