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Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
Just dreaming about a smaller canoe, I saw that Old Town makes a wood and canvas 15' Trapper. But the price is a shocker- $4,599! Does OT still make those canoes themselves, or is it a contract job for another maker. In comparison, Northwoods Canoe sells their 15' Cheemaun for $3,500. A significant difference and I would think that Northwoods' quality is second to none. Anyway, someday I'd like to get a smaller boat and not worry about throwing out my back cartopping. Just have to save those pennies...
When I talked to Great Spirit Canoes a few days ago I was surprised to learn that their 16 foot Prospector was well under $3000.
There are many small builders whose canoes are works of art... and you can discuss what it is you want, and get exactly that... generally for less than the prices in the OT catalogs. One of the joys of the WCHA Assembly is seeing the boats that are being made today. I smile and shake my head every time I read an ad on eBay for a "project" canoe, where the text begins, "they don't make 'em like this anymore."