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If you stay at Super 8 motels, they have a "Pets with Permission" policy. Usually, these will be smoking rooms, even if your dog doesn't smoke. But call ahead and it will be fine. So now that we are all in agreement on the 1) Dogs crossing the border issue whether they are or are not wormed, vaccinated, carrying a passport or sidearm, border collie or other breed and 2) the pursuit of passports and the speed and difficulty in using them once or twice (for return trip to US) let's now address canoes. Lucky for those canoes already living with their families in Canada they can continue sleeping through this discussion. And apparently if you are planning to enter Canada's unguarded shores along waterways there will be no one watching for your citizenship and potential mischief. What about taking a Canoe from WI to Ontario. In 1946 mine was build in Peterborough and it just wants to see home again so I agreed to get it varnished and sew it a new outfit for the occasion. While I think it will be doubtful that it's siblings will remember it, I think it will have a good time and make some new friends. I purchased it in New York 2 years ago and drove it to my place in WI. Do I need some kind of proof going to Canada that it's mine? That I didn't buy it just then and have to pay tax on it or some such goofy thing? What about getting it back home with me? Will I be asked to prove that it's mine not stolen? Will I have to prove I am not a business transporting goods for sale across the border? I know K. Klos has some experience with this which is why I think NOW is a good time for us all to know what will be required of us. If it is going to be difficult, I may not bring it. It would be a real shame since it is so nice and the assembly is in the place where the canoe was made. Let's get some experts in on this one. I don't want to get a canoe comfiscated, it's bad enough when they take your lotion and knitting needles.
Another option would be to get the boat registered/titled with the state, so you can then show the registration papers if asked. I know, putting ugly stickers on nice boats is painful, but since Wisconsin doesn't actually require the registration, you might be able to get by with just carrying the papers. Put the stickers on an ugly boat, so you don't have to register that one...
Dogs and our current topic.... Canoes

It's easy to look back at the printed materials for the past assembly (Page 9). I don't think it's a "silent majority" thing. I thought it was a WCHA Assembly Policy. But, perhaps it is not so. Go the "Some Basic Questions" section of page 9. It reads: "May I bring a pet? No. We're sorry, but pets are not allowed at Keuka College. This is a ruling by the Board of Health." OK! So, if it is a policy by Keuka College, are pets allowed in Peterborough at the next College that hosts us? Perhaps this should get defined before people start figuring out what to do to get the animal through security and can start making lodging arrangements for it back at home instead. I'd like to have our beagle along but, honestly, I don't think the occasion or situation is right for a dog or whatever animal you have in your family. Not everyone is comfortable with dogs, some people are afraid of dogs and have had bad experiences with them. Ours is a young dog who LOVES people but his combined enthusiasm, affection and power could not only be off-putting but, in some cases he could knock someone or something over even though he's just a little dog! I feel the risk is too high. He will stay in WI with friends on this trip and we'll miss our little cheery family member but, it's not the right place for him to be. Plus, he will eat anything "that isn't nailed down or on fire" regardless of who's food it is and will pee about 50 times per hour to mark territory. I don't want to see him "marking territory" on every canoe in Cedar City. But, this question should be in the other thread started by K. Klos RE: Dogs crossing. Let's talk about canoes now. Is P. Klonowski's idea to register some canoe with state of WI and bring the papers along regardless of which canoe is traveling across the border? I'm not sure exactly how this works. If you register a boat are you even required to put the stickers on? I'm not opposed to doing this, you can always remove them and refinish the area. Please explain in detail about this registration/sticker/canoe idea. I think we could be on to a good solution here.
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Paddleing across

I would like to see Everyone who is going to the assembly park their cars in NY and paddle across together enmass to Ontario. It's only 102 miles from Toronto to Buffalo!!! Will that scare the Canadians? Surely some outfitter with many canoe trailers will pick us all up and transport us to Peterborough. It's only about 1/2 or 2 hours away.
FWIW, a few years ago when we went to an Assy, we kenneled the dogs at a local kennel, IIRC the literature then also said NO dogs.

With that said, I would have not wanted to be hauling them around and having to watch over them during Assy anyway.

And yes, we're planning to get Passports just in case, haven't decided yet if we'll even take a canoe, which would leave 2 slots for bringing canoes back. :)

Crossing etc.

Why not? Register your cherished canoe, but don't put the stickers on it, just bring the title. Then you have official paperwork that says the canoe belongs to you, so the US border guards might believe you when you say you didn't buy it in Canada. And in the interest of not gumming up your beautiful canoe with ugly state stickers, put the stickers on some other boat (one that actually needs to be registered... sailboat, motorboat...), so you don't have to register that one, which will cost more...

This assumes the Wisconsin registration fees are structured like the ones here in Silly-noise.

But there I go, being subversive again...
P'bo Assembly Coordinator chiming in here;
I doubt Trent University will allow dogs in their residences.
Given that the "Powers that be" at Trent will not allow camping or campfires on campus, I doubt they will allow dogs.
On the subject of going into Canada with a canoe (on top of car) I have done it many times as recently as last year,and it has never been a issue.My canoe is registered in Illinois, reg sticker on it.I've only have had to state my reason and length of time going into Canada and pretty much the same thing upon reentering the U. S. Filling out a form declaring that your canoe is not for sale and will be coming back with you sounds like a great idea though. Now to bring up another question. What needs to be done if you would puchase a canoe at assembly or in Canada to get it back to the U.S.? Bill
Form # CPB-4457

According to the nice man at US Customs, Pittsburgh, Pa., we can bring our canoes back into the US without a hassle...two ways:
1. Take your canoe to the nearest US Customs, and they will issue form CPB-4457 and stamp it at that time, and you're good to go.

2. Download the Form CPB-4457 fill it out and present it on the US side before entering Canada. They will stamp it there and you're good to go.
The CBP Form 4457 is available at for download if you want to fill it out before your reach the border. It is also supposed to be available from;?docId=12477 but this apppears to be broken at the moment. It is recommended that any expensive item with a serial number (i.e. canoes, laptop computers, cameras, etc.) should be registered with this form before you leave. You will still probably be required to have and show a bill of sale, registration, or other documentation to prove that it is yours.

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My impression re dogs at Assembly is that it's a school rule... probably a Universal School Rule.

I live in a town that's not especially dog-friendly. Because I'd like Bert to be a therapy dog one day-- and all the literature says he should be socialized by taking him to shopping malls and such-- I've been frustrated by the fact that the only places my dog is welcome is at the homes of my friends.

Bert will be traveling with us, as a general rule. At the present time, my reason for taking him along is that he's only a puppy... but as an adult dog, I plan to take him "wherever", even if I miss out on some things.

We've already made reservations at a dog-friendly B&B in Peterborough for this July. Perhaps there'll be a place where those of us who'll have a pooch along can meet with our dogs.

As for crossing the border: they require your dog's shot record-- they're especially interested in proof of rabies vaccination.
[ You will still probably be required to have and show a bill of sale, registration, or other documentation to prove that it is yours.


this is like catch 22. how do you "PROVE" you own a canoe you have built especially if you come from a state that does not register canoes? all it would take is one border guard in a bad mood to mess up a good day. and you might lose your canoe. dang! while this is probably not a big possibility all it would take is one.
bob goeckel said:
this is like catch 22. how do you "PROVE" you own a canoe you have built especially if you come from a state that does not register canoes?

I understand and have the same concern! My sailing canoe may only have a build record from 1936 with my grandfather's name on it to document that it is mine. This is why I plan to fill out the CBP Form 4457 and get it stamped well in advance.

Old boats and canoes duty free?


I have purchased a canoe and an old wood boat in Canada and brought them into the US (on seperate occasions). Both after 9/11.

They asked me how much I paid for the boat and said have a nice day.

They asked where I got the canoe and said have a nice day.

I recall tracking this down a while ago, but I do not believe old boats or canoes are subject to a tariff coming into the US.

They same can not be said for mink coats. I was on a business trip to Toronto with my x-wife(Cindy doesn't own a fur coat) in the winter and she was wearing a mink coat. I asked about problems coming back into the US and they said nothing.

When I did return they wanted to charge me the tariff. Lucky the manufacture's label showed made in the USA.

Maybe I'll make it to Canada this year.

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Go for a ride..

Regarding pets at Assembly, I'm not anti-dog or anti-pet or anti-anything else, but I did see a dog jump in a VERY expensive canoe at Assembly marking the finish on the way in. It definitely wasn't the dog's fault. He was obviously very used to jumping into a canoe for a ride!

What is so hopeless?

In my case, if I bring a canoe, it would be a homebuilt and be registered in MN with MN stickers. If you are going to use your canoe in the BW, your's needs to be registered (someplace) also. So just register it.

Topic Canoes not dogs

There are two threads, One for crossing with dogs one for crossing with canoe. I'm trying to get info on crossing with canoe all in one place since this will likely be more of a concern for most people going from us to canada. I'm trying to keep them separate and focused to make it easier for everyone to understand.