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Rather than resurrect the old thread about crossing the border with a dog, here's a fresh new one...

Denis and I crossed into Canada and then back into the U.S. of A. on our way to pick up two canoes in The East recently, and didn't have to disguise the Jack Russell terrorist... errr... terrier... that rode with us. I had a copy of Bertie's shot record which included a paper signed by his vet, indicating when he'd had his rabies vaccination. I didn't ask the vet for this paperwork-- it was given to me as part of the receipt for paying the vet bill. It looks wonderfully official and did the trick.


P.S. Bert now has a big brother named Charlie.


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Actually, the one with the chrome is a U.F.O. Eventually, we'll post pictures and ask for opinions... The green canoe will possibly make it to Assembly this year. I know there's a Canadian theme, but folks across the border need to see a few old Maine-made canoes.
That tape has been gracing the bumpers (and fenders, and doors, and taillight housings etc.) for years!
The same tape has become part the handle of my briefcase... nice to carry something at work that has so much in common with an old canoe.
canoe dogs ???

After the "fly fishing" thread, I assumed this "Canoe Dog" was another name for the versatile, rare and authentic Canoe Retreiver (see picture bellow). Trained to retreive on land or in the water small solo canoes, preferably with cute girls in them. ( I have to say this because the girl in the canoe is looking over my shoulder as I type...)

Louis Michaud


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I hope after he retrieved the girl in the canoe you let him in,cause if he ever gets a canoe of his own he may make ''you ''swim behind.
up here in the still{seems} frozen north ,Harley has no choice but drive with me his legs are much too short to reach the ground .besides i'm much too fat to run behind,and in no condition to exercise. Also ..
Does anyone have plans for a roof rack we could carry a 16' chestnut with????adirondak chrome ,zap straps[nylon ties],and???


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First Time Out...

Weather finally permitted the maiden voyage (with Denis and me at the paddles) of Veazie 1032 in Michigan's Upper Peninsula... and the first time out for canoe dogs Bert and Charlie.

I love the dog pictures above, by the way... as well as the other replies that have us smiling.



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More Canoe Dogs

Recently the Norumbega Chapter sent a four day expedition down the West Branch of the Penobscot river in Maine. Among the canoeists was Abby, an eight month old Labradoodle - that is part Lab and part Poodle. The dog was the best paddling companion anyone could ask for. Here is a picture of David and Adam Dumas in the big 18 foot Prospector with Abby at the helm.


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Roof Racks

I'm selling a set of roof racks.
I'm going to be in Nova Scotia on June 20th. Flying in from Milwaukee to Halifax. Not sure I'd be able to travel with them to get them to you but the idea intrigues me.
Geezz! Is that a Beagle in there?

What do you have him anchored to to keep him from bolting across 7 counties as soon as you stop the cycle?
He has the face of a Beagle , colors of a Beagle, body and legs of a Corgi. Someone told us they made them that way. I thought we just got lucky..we adopted him at 1 1/2 years old.
He likes canoeing better both ears get to flap, on the bike his ''doggles'' hold them down.
I said the same thing to myself...self.. how are we going to keep him in there if he decides he would rather walk..or go canoeing??So with his imput ,we decided ,a short chain with the proper ends fastened through the bottom to the chrome and it works.
Halifax is about 2 1/2 hrs away.....We don't live in the middle of nowhere...but we can see it from our deck. given up on the roof rack idea , now i think i'll tow my truck