Courting Canoe on Ebay - did u buy it?

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Did anyone here pick up that Charles-River style Courting Canoe that was just for sale up in Vermont?

I'm talking about the one with the old green canvas. The boat looked old and all orignal. (There was another one a few weeks ago that had been restored.)

I would love to more about its history. I thought it was a Richardson, but I don't know that much about those boats.


Yes indeedy, I was the lucky winner. I talked to the gal that has it today, and I am the 3rd owner. Her late husband bought it in the 40's when he was a kid. He bought it from someone that lived in Boston. It seems to be a Robertson. The only downside is that I found out today it had been stored outside for a while and I am afraid of what rot I might find. I am trying to get ahold of ABC to get it out to me.

Will do. All I need to do is figure out a way to get it here. I am not on ABC's route any longer. The closest they can get it is 180 miles away. I'd need to meet them there. I am not sure how to work that as I have a life and a job. I can't drop everything all of a sudden and go running off to get a canoe. Bummer. I had REALLY good service from them last time i used them. They came here to Reno without any fuss, muss, or bother.

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