Come sail away, come sail away, come and sail...

Well, you best keep the location of that auction a secret, lest one of our other members go after that canoe...! What you've got there is a classic courting canoe, and it looks to be in fantastic condition and probably with original canvas. My guess is that it was built by one of the Charles River builders, probably Robertson or Waltham. Maybe one of our other members can suggest better. It could also be a Kennebec K Special, but I am inclined to believe it is not.

Sail rig looks to be a homemade later addition.

There are a number of WCHA members who are very much into courting canoes. You'll be the envy of the year if you can bring it to Assembly!

Well, the auction was today...

and I unfortunately, I did not come home with the canoe.

The boat was a 17" H. Arnold & Co, Waltham, MA, courting canoe. It did not have torpedeo stems. They were more like a Morris. There was some tumblehome to the hull and the hull was more round then flat.

Except fot the canoe rig, the boat looked all original - canvas, wood finish, etc. The combing around the cockpit was a broken here and there and one of the decks had a break in it. But other then that, everything was nice.

Overall it was it beautiful shape. The canvas & paint were a bit crackled, but not too badly. The wood looked like it had never been touched.

I apologize for not being more forthcoming about the auction's location, but I wanted to competition for it to a minimum.

To see all the pics and the auction's listing, go here:

BTW: with buyer's premium, it went for around $5500.

The Canoe Kid