Columbia River - Handford Reach


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Columbia River - Hanford Reach

The OTCA took her maiden voyage in the desert. She had a lovely trip down through the Handford Reach on the Columbia river.

The Columbia was flowing about 120,000 cfs. It was hotter than hades, search-light bright, and cool as long as we were on the river. The trip from Vernita Bridge to the White bluffs boat launch took us 5.5 leisurely hours.

The reactors along the south bank were about the same vintage as the OTCA we were travelling in. Too bad you can't just turn them into bookcases when they wear out.

We set up the 20ish mile car shuttle between the Vernita Bridge and White Bluffs. Unless you like riding your bike, you'll want the shuttle, but don't use your paddling companion's 20 year old duct taped book of topo maps when you look for the White Bluffs boat launch. We took an extra 24 mile "tour" that took one of the cars nervously close to E in a land where gas stations are 30 miles apart.


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