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Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
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Absolutely no shortage of water here, so if you are in the vicinity of Eastern Massachusetts consider dropping in for a paddle next Sunday. We have had lots of families on this trip in the past.

Here is the information from the Norumbega Chapter Newsletter.

Sunday, June 18th, 2006 – The Sudbury and the Concord Rivers. This will be Norumbega’s second annual Father’s Day trip on these historic waterways, following the footsteps of Thoreau and the Minutemen who fired the shots heard around the world. This stretch of flat, deep water is ideal for those antique canoes that you may not want to bring on the more adventurous trips. This year, we will start out a little further upstream on the Sudbury at the Sherman’s Road Bridge on the Sudbury/Wayland town line. We will paddle down the Sudbury, join the Concord River and take out at the Old North Bridge. Let’s meet at the Sherman’s Road Bridge at 8:30 am, do the car shuttle and be on our way. Be sure to bring along a picnic lunch, we’ll stop on the way or at the National Park area near the Old North Bridge, depending on the timing. John Fitzgerald will co-ordinate and lead this trip, so if there are any questions, contact John.

The Red X on this map is Sherman Bridge:


It is real easy to find and you can't miss the Bridge. It is an old wooden bridge with parking and launches on both sides.

It is all flatwater and now flooded and flowing, but great birding and rather scenic. We travel through Fairhaven Bay and Concord near the National Park. I was at the Old North Bridge today and the water level is about 5 or 6 feet higher than last year at this time.

If we are lucky the water will be under the canoes and not falling on us.:cool:


We had a heat index approaching 100 degrees F and a flooded river but a good time was had by all. Boats showing included Steve Lapey's new homebuilt along Peterborough lines, a stripper built by Lou Mutschler, a 15 ft Old Town Trapper, an American Trader canoe and an 18.5 ft. EM White Guide.

The attached photos show Steve's canoe and the Lunch Break at Old North Bridge.


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