Classified scam?

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
"Michael Moore" has sent me an email offerring to buy an item I have on Classifieds. He also offerred to buy an item of my friend, for about $2500.00 more than he is asking. that kinda scam.. Anyone else getting that line? I wish I knew how to report the turkey.
He contaced me too. Seems he wanted to pay $3500 more than my asking price by a (fake) Western Union moneygram and wanted me to refund him the difference.

Duh. I thought this scam was dead but apparently there are con men that haven't heard that everyone knows about this one
I've recceived 2 more very suspicious emails. One from Kevin Nash : Hello ,
I saw the placement of your advert on internet which is (canoe) i will like to know your last price and the present condition and i will like you to attached the pics to it and i will like to know the height,weight,age .of it dont worry about the shipment i will take good of the shipping, further more my mode of payment will be by certified cashier check or money order ,if my mode of payment is okay by you pls get back to now ...pls get
back tome now..............

and another from Mrs. Laura Wrights :

Hi Loren.
My Phone is bad.
Please Lets Communicate by email. Okay

Loren Sherman <> wrote:
send Me Your phone Number And a time That i can Call you and we Can talk About it

Laura wrights <> wrote:

Hello Loren.
yes i read the Ad, dont you think you could Deduct $50 from me $750 is too expensive, but if you still insist to sell it on a Firm amount i will take it.
Please Send me your Address And phone Number so i can keep in touch.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Laura Wrights
Loren Sherman <> wrote: It' s $750. Did you read the ad?


Laura wrights <> wrote:
My Name is Laura Wrights, I would like to buy the CANOE, you have placed for sale on the advert website, is it still available ?
what is your last Price for it? please contact me ASAP with the information i need.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Regards .
Mrs. Laura Wrights

Hmm.... Our website is the target of a con artist