Dave Osborn

I just looked at a heavy duty looking Chestnut. It had amazingly wide ribs spaced closely and a wide flat bottom. It's 16' long. Am I safe to assume that it is the Boone model?
Hi Dave,

It could also be a “Henry” from the Ogilvy series of canoes. The Boone should have ribs 2⅜” wide and the Henry’s ribs are 3” wide, both model’s ribs are spaced ½” apart.

Dick Persson
Headwater Canoe Company
Oh Henry!

Thanks (again) Dick! It must be a Henry. The ribs are bigger than 2 3/8".
Much apperciated!
They will also have different stem profiles. The Boone looks more like an Old Town Guide or a Grumman with a fairly typical round, low-profile stem. Ogilvies, like the Henry have a somewhat more sturgeon-nosed stem profile - relatively straight, but at an angle up top with the deepest part of the curve down closer to the water.

Boone - 16' x 33", 13,25: deep middle, 22.5" deep at the stems, #8 canvas, 75 lbs. - probably has carved thwarts

Henry - 16' x 36", 13.5" deep middle, 23" at stems, #6 canvas, 84 lbs. - probably has straight slab thwarts

If it's restorable without an awful lot of wood replacement and you don't go for it, I might be interested. I've been keeping my eyes open for a bigger Ogilvie, but might go for one of these little ones to have something fun to work on.


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I have photos of a Henry that was in rough shape somewhere. Let me know if you need any of missing details.

I passed the project on to member Lou Mutschler here in MA. He had found plans somewhere and was planning on building a Henry or two in his retirement. I suggested he restore one to see if he liked it first. Sadly, other projects and a courageous battle with prostate cancer got in the way and he didn't get around to the Henry.

The family that owns it has one more trip planned before they drop it off for new canvas, new shoe keel, and varnish. It was starting to storm when I looked at it yesterday, so my viewing was brief. I'll post final ID when it arrives at the shop in a few weeks.