Chestnut without serial #?


Chest Nut
Does anyone know if Chestnut put a serial number on all their canoes as standard practice? Or was there a period that they did not use them?

I'm picking up a new (old) canoe tomorrow that is a distinctive Chestnut model but without a number stamped in the canoe.

Looks a little to old to be a Fraser or Cedarwood built canoe but it is possible.


no pics yet....

Jamie ,
I've got a chestnut from the early 50's with no serial # , I don't think they started stamping them until sometime in the 60's .

What model did you find ?
Hi Jamie,

Posting pictures will probably get you the best information on your canoe. It's my understanding that many if not most Chestnuts had no serial number-- some that do, have a five digit number but no records exist to match up with the numbers.

Many of the folks who post here have Chestnuts and other Canadian-built canoes and may be able to identify what you have and what era it may be from.

No serial numbers till the 60's.... kinda makes sense, all the canoes i have seen had serial numbers, but they were either from the 60's or 70's.

The model is a 20' ogilvy.

I'll have to get the owner to look into the history of it.

The Chestnut Canoe Company has a long history of inconsistency in numbering their canoes. The majority of Chestnut canoes built before 1954 were never marked with a serial number. A system was introduced sometime after 1954 by their then new GM George Birch to again be changed at least twice before the company’s demise in 1978. No records are known to survive, so we cannot learn anything from the numbers themselves.

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It is an anchor pulley. Commonly used on Ogilvy's as they were often used as guide boats for salmon fishermen.
Thanks. But that leads to another question -- what kind of anchor would a guide use for that purpose -- the traditional concrete with eyebolt in a coffee can, or something more nautical?