Chestnut Moose Hauler - What is it?


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Some of the forum folks may know that I was on a search for a square stern canoe in need of restoration for my tripping buddy who was/is convinced he needs a square stern in his ripe old age of 43. Turns out he did a pretty good job of finding one himself.

I met him deep in the North Maine Woods this week on our annual camping trip with the kids and he shows up with this beast.

It is a 20 footer. Chestnut, built like an Ogilvy. It has only three thwarts, plastic caned seats (maybe redone??), a pulley on the center thwart for the anchor, a shoe keel, I think I recall outside stems, no serial number, vee stern, not sure of the depth and beam.

I'm guessing Ogilvy "Pool" or a 20 ft. "22 Foot Fishing" canoe. 3 thwarts seems to be a descriminating factor?? The anchor pulley seems to be offered after 1965.

It handles surprisingly well solo, for a barge.

Any ideas out there?

PS. My bud's first remarks were "Jeez, isn't this buggar heavy"..What have I been telling him all this time!!!!!:rolleyes:


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Looks like a "Pool", though the photos I have show only one of those wide slab thwarts (center) and smaller rectangular thwarts at the stern quarter position and just behind the bow seat along with small handle-thwarts at both ends. Factory weight was supposed to be 118 lbs. A glorious big boat, but certainly a portager's nightmare!


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Personally, I'd love to have a big old Ogilvie or even a Chestnut freighter. I have a 22' fur trade canoe, but don't know any Voyageurs and my wife and I would look like the "after the mutiny" photos if we tried to take it out by ourselves. I'd trade for a big old Chestnut if I could ever find one in decent shape, but I seem to live in a void for that type of thing.
Vee Stern

Here is another question:

How was the canvas secured on these Chestnut vee stern ends?

This one has had some fiberglass slathered on the stern presumably to stop some leaking.
Got one

Todd B., I have a 20' Chestnut Olgilvy that is in need of canvas but other wise very good condition if you are interested. Do you feel like a bit of a drive? Fitz, I have lots of pictures that might help answer your question. Send me your email address and I'll get them to you.
Square stern or V-stern? I know a good canoe hauler that regularly comes across after starting in Seattle, but I don't think they get that far up into Canada. Oh well, By the time I bought it and had it shipped here it would probably cost an arm and a leg anyway.