Chestnut Id. Please


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I was up north last week and found my first Chestnut #25378. Love to know what you can tell me... Thanks Reid. DSC_0274.jpg
It's a canoe... :D Nothing to tell by the numbers (true for most all Chestnuts) - dimensions and more pics might help.

Thanks for dropping in last week - nice to meet you! (and you got a great canoe, too!)

Morning Dan,

I'll send some more shots of the thing I picked up. The local guy that had the Kennebec full of birdsnests told me about his friend with the Chestnut. The way you guys talk about paddling a Chestnut, I figured I should try one. Looks like it needs 11 ribs and lots of planking. Certainly was a pleasure meeting you and I apologize for not joining you and your wife DSC_0267.jpgDSC_0275.jpgDSC_0276.jpgDSC_0283.jpgfor dinner. I felt that Caroline and I were taking time away from you and your family (especially since we were un-announced), and we didn't want to "wear out the warm welcome", that you extended to us.
The Canoe I got from you is most unique and I am certainly happy and I hope you are too. She made the ride home just fine and picked up alittle moisture along the way. I cleaned her up with some warm soapy water and boy do those ribs and planking pop. Very nice contrast. I also loosely installed the sponsons and they really did pull her into shape. They didn't move her significantly, they just made the shape come together. Beautiful boat and certainly unique to my collection. I will spend lots of time studying her and gathering thoughts before I move forward with such a special boat. She really does seem to combine alot of different elements from different times and different styles. I have a Carleton and EM White sponsoned boat that both have those flush mounted (to the gunnel), sponsons and I really like that look. I look forward to putting an identity to #122.

Jeff, the guy I got the Chestnut from said it was 1962-ish. It is about 16.5 feet from deck tip end to deck tip end.
Its rather round bottomed and rockered and had no keel. 33" beam, 12.25" depth. Robertson screws and straight carrying thwarts at both ends. short decks and three thwarts. One can't rib and long stems that come back 7 ribs into the boat.

Once again Dan, Nice meeting you and thank you so much... Reid