cars and trucks wearing canoes as hats...


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'll throw my hat into the ring.


Kathryn Klos

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Not exactly a hat on a car, but from an earlier, pre-hat era. Dude in the buggy is my buddy Bert Morris. This picture was sent to me today by Charlie Morris's great-grandson, Louie King. It appears (to me) to date from the 1890s.

I'd like one of these for Christmas, complete with horse--- but I already have a dog.



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alick burt

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Hi Kathryn
Lovely photo, I like any old black and white picture with a canoe in it :) Has anyone made a book of old black and white canoe pictures??

Benson Gray

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Kathy, This is a wonderful picture. Canoe trailers like this appear to have been more common than I ever imagined. The one shown at still gets regular use every summer and Ray Schell made a reproduction shown below that was on display at the 2013 Assembly. Thanks for sharing,


Has anyone made a book of old black and white canoe pictures??

It is not a book but the Wooden Canoe Journal Archive at has the largest collection of black and white canoe pictures that I have ever seen in one place.


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Canoe anybody?
Who wouldn't love this hat and this vehicle. Just a few years too late, I'm afraid.


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alick burt

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Edit it to upside down and it should come out the right way up I seem to have this problem too sometimes.(They look right way up on your pc and then you post them somewhere else and they are upside down)
Hope it helps

Dan Miller

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Some photo viewers allow you to change the orientation on the device, without actually changing the image file itself (e.g. Preview on Mac).

That photo is actually kind of cool (canoe) upside-right. Here is what it looks like bottom-to-the-sky.

PS. put into Photoshop to rotate it 180 degrees.


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Soon to be CANOE-A-HOLIC
And I thought you didn't want to get those clean wheels and tires dirty at the river crossing. Or maybe you were doing an oil change without having to get under the vehicle.

Dan Lindberg

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Beautiful canoe Dave. A Penn Yan Owasco with the same paint is the 1 canoe I wish I had kept.

Pretty blue on the truck too.


Rob Stevens

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Ya, but that one is a lapstrake built for double paddling ie. sitting on the floor (or a seat on the floor).


Canoe anybody?
Mini at work. 17-foot Old Town looking for restoration and water. Bike just tagging along for the ride.


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