cars and trucks wearing canoes as hats...

Great credit goes to all those posting beautiful canoes on their vehicles but you have to start somewhere. 1906 White Canoe. 18' At least 14 ribs, yards of beveled planking and custom rolled copper stem pieces.

Dave. I ordered the Toyota without factory racks. Installed the long Yakima rails and clips. The towers and long rails lock on and off easily. I can carry two full sized canoes. Very satisfactory. R.C.
Another Dave......Is this a Venza or other. I am trying to replace the Blazer with a similarly low carrier ( as in under 66 " ) and the choices are limited. Able to be confident with two canoes is a very good thing. Dave
Nice rack....and I should know. Here's your reward.
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This hasn't been updated in a while so let me add a few more. The one at is probably the largest canoe on the smallest car while is the reverse and may be the largest overall. The least safe may be shown at but it was only for a low speed parade. The wagon ride at and car ride at seem like the least comfortable. The canoes and cars at and are well matched. I frequently need to move more than one canoe as shown at and especially to the Assembly as shown at and for example.