Carlton? Morris?

ken mueller

Canton, Ohio
Listed on Cleveland (Ohio) craigslist, Wednesday Aug 10, as an Old Town. No more pictures. Owner does not have the sail rig.
Bet it is a Morris

Hi Peter - Bcam and Kathy too
Let's have some fun and take some guesses....I'll bet it is a Morris - looks like the Molitor model to me...18ft with 3ft bow deck and 2ft aft deck. We know some of these were shipped to locations other than Belle Isle in the Old Town construction period, and possibly prior to that too.
this one looks like the sailing thwart replaced the front seat, so a neat variation on the Molitor base model.
I like the little railing on this canoes decks and wonder what the 'ball' on the it a light? looks like a hole on the other side of the deck matches the placement, so wonder if these had red and green bulbs or lenses.
Looks like the center thwart is missing, but thwart we see in the front looks Morris like to me.

OK - now how about some others of us put their point-of-view (or guess) on here....
Glad you got this one Peter and hope to see it at Assembly or another event sometime.