Possible Morris on Craigslist

Kathryn Klos

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A possible Morris is on the Cape Cod Craigslist. I've contacted the seller about this canoe, trying to find out if it has a splayed stem, but have received no information. The canoe appears to be a type 3 Morris, with lots of paint to remove, but the price seems right. If someone here inspects/buys this canoe, let me know if it's a Morris...


It IS a Morris

Seller sent me pictures, and I will share the conclusion by posting the pic showing the splayed stem... the other pictures he sent are the same as in the ad. This canoe is a 17 foot type 3 (long decks and outside stems) and is probably a Model A. There are three pairs of cants, which suggests it was built after 1904-5, but nothing else leaps out at me to narrow the dating further... maybe if someone who is a WCHA member buys it and does a close examination (looking for tell-tale tack holes), we can learn more.



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Some Canoe!

While on the topic of Morris canoes... I recently learned that Michael Grace's 1916 Model A type 1 Morris won Best Overall at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Vintage Motor Classic and Antique Boat Show. This means that a humble (but obviously quite beautiful) canoe won, over all sorts of expensive mahogany runabouts and such.

Congratulations to Michael! Hurray for the wooden canoe!