Help with re-canvassing


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I live in Ohio and am interested in re-canvasing my grandfather's Old Town Canoe (it has not seen water in over 35 years). I don't feel as though I am up to the task myself. Does anyone know of a reputable craftsman in the Ohio area that would take on this task at a reasonable price?

By the way..what is a reasonable price? :)

Thanks for your help.

You can find a list at showing the restorers in Ohio. Gil Cramer from The Wooden Canoe Shop Inc. in Ohio at can probably help. He is a frequent and valuable contributor in these forums. The information at indicates that "A professional restoration will run from $400 for a simple canvas job, to $3000 for a full 'make it like new' restoration with a smattering of new ribs, planking, decks, seats and of course canvas, filler and paint." Your mileage may vary...

Thank You

Mr. Gray,

Thanks for your quick and informative response. I'll definitely look into this. I'll probably post the serial number of the boat shortly. What a great site!