Canoe Shipping


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am looking for a way to ship an old canvas canoe across the country. Has anyone every done such a thing? How one should be crated or wrapped.
Any first hand experience out there?
Ryan Scott
N.N. California
I've done it a lot. If you're using a specialty shipper, like Affordable Boat Carriers, you'll need only minimal protection (like a Tyvek canoe cover taped down so it doesn't blow itself apart at 60mph). They take good care of the canoes.

In my experience bad things happen with common carriers. Think about thick bubble-wrap at the least. I've fully crated boats coming back from Hawaii in containers, but never on the mainland. Truck carriers give you mile-high quotes for big crates.

The best source of information would be the builders on our list - they'd certainly have the most experience with shipping fragile boats.
KAS Transport

I used Steve Skinner, KAS Transport with excellent results a year ago to move a canoe from NYS to Oregon. 315-986-1869. I have not spoken to him in a while - I presume the contact info is still good.

Jim C.
I've used K.A.S. Transport twice. Great guys and they really take care with your boats. No hassles, no problems, reasonable price and no damage.


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Ditto on KAS

I had a very good experience shipping a sprint kayak from Lake Placid to LA in 2006, but it's been hard to reach KAS since. Glad to hear Steve's still in business - nice to have an alternative to Affordable.

Do a search on KAS and Affordable - you'll find a number of threads over the last three years.
Kudos to KAS! On Friday Steve Skinner delivered an 1895 English 20 restored by Rollin Thurlow - from Atkinson ME to Los Angeles. KAS has transported three boats for me in the last few years, and all have been delivered on time, at a reasonable price, with good communication and in great shape. Highly recommended shipper!