Canoe Sailing

Pierre Girard

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I got a sail kit from Spring Creek Outfitters in Mountain Iron, MN this spring and I've been enjoying it immensely ever since I got it. Every trip I've learned something new, sailing on our little lake, some larger lakes, and once so far, in the BWCA.

It isn't the most aesthetically appealing set up, being mainly made of aluminum clamp-ons, but it sure is fun.

It is a lateen rig, and comes with outriggers and pontoons - a necessity for a novice like me. The sail is about 45 square feet and it pushes my old cedar strip canoe along at a great pace. The one problem I had was the rudder system, consisting mainly of an oarlock and a big paddle. I rigged a "Little Red Wagon" rudder on the rear deck of the canoe and it works great. Rudder/?action=view&current=NewRudder015.jpg

I'd like to re-work this sail rig all in wood at some point, but it will have to wait for other projects.

For a look at the rig, here is Spring Creek's advert