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I realize the photos may be a little crude since this canoe is hanging in storage and I will get some better ones tomorrow but I wanted to a least get the greatest canoe identification minds working a little in the meantime. I made uploaded the photos are large as I could.

I purchased the canoe several years ago thinking that it was a Woodland Canoe Works, Lloyd Rehbein canoe. After looking at my other Rehbein and comparing design, materials and methods, I am second guessing myself. Specifically, the decks are different, the canoes shear line is entirely different as is the bow and stern lines. Ribs are thinner and narrower, thwart positions are different, rocker is different, stem banding is brass instead of aluminum, keel shape different and this one doesn't have a keel band running along it's length. I cannot find an SN or any trace of a logo but there is a thick, thick coat of varnish on this hull.

The canoe is 16' and the hull has been glassed. The original owner's son didn't know where the canoe was purchased but remembers his father glassing it when the canvas fell apart. Lines are very similar to an Old Town Yankee 16 which is the green one sitting next to it in one of the photos.

What do you guys think?


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I was working on another canoe over the weekend and my thoughts wandered back to this canoe as it rests quietly on it's shelf awaiting restoration. I thought I would fire a few more photos out there of this canoe to see if anyone,..anyone at all, has any thoughts on it's origin. Use the link below to view the entire album of photos.

During my searches, I stumbled across this webpage:

This is the closest thing I have found so far. Could this canoe be an old Peterborough? When did Peterborough,..and Chestnut,...change their deck design from the heart-shaped variety?

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