Canoe ID Assistance, Please

This is a 16', 37" wood/canvas canoe, likely from the upper midwest. It has been restored. The brass plate commemorates that restoration and is not original. Thanks for your time.


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Thanks for responding Dave! Dunphy is my relatively uneducated guess. Dragonfly lists a Chief Oshkosh model produced in 1938 with the 37" width but only in an 18' length. The Chief Oshkosh is described as having "Virtually no sheer" which seems to be the case with this canoe. Is that what you are thinking? If so, to my limited knowledge, it is only the third Dunphy known to still exist, one being in the canoe museum in Spooner and the other in my overcrowded garage.
I think that is the Indian Girl the Deans donated to the Museum. That one is very similar to mine. The Chief Oshkosh pictured may be the notorious Dunphy described as "a canoe only a mother could love," presumably due to those lines.

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Here are a couple catalog pages showing the Dunphy IG and Chief Oshkosh.


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