We have also been watching the fire with interest/concern. There are also some links and pictures posted on the Quiet Journey website for the BWCA and Quetico.
Ouch! We were set to head through Turtle, Seagull, Ogish late next month. Looks like we're going up into the Quetico this trip.
it's larger

Today in the paper,

"On Wednesday, officials said that the fire grew from about 31 square miles to about 34 square miles"

It's burned from Seagul south to Little Sag and Crooked, Gillis, west to Gabby and Ogish, and North to Red Rock.

and that they've now brought in the best firefighters there are, something called Type 1 teams, the paper said there are only 17 of these teams in the country.

The residents on the Gunflint have been told to prepare to evacuate just in case.

Yes, Bob, the Seagul/Alpine areas will be much different after the fire.