12' Penn Yan cartop

Ed Moses

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A logger/sawmill client of mine brought in the above boat to the shop for me to evaluate it for him . Boat is in mint useable condition, only needing recanvasing to make it perfect . After the storage dust is all cleaned off I must get some good photos of the interior workmanship for the files and sharing. The S/N is WXTT 55 8434.
He would like to know for certain the year it was built. I conjectured that it is probably a 1955 as I recall that Penn Yan put the year in the s/n of some models. Can anyone confirm or shed some light on this for us??

Thanx in advance.

Ed Moses WCHA #8066
12' enn Yan cartopP


Thanx so much for the response and directing me to Dan's website. What a tremendous amount of information is contained there!! Think my logger friend needs to more closely look at the letters in the prefix of the stem as there do not appear to be 4 letter S/N prefixes for Penn Yan cartops in Dan's lsting. He might have read an H as TT. That's my guess. I'm one week from having rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder so did not get the S/N myself. I'm going nuts with this inactivity!! Here I have a brand new 24' X 30' canoe restoration shop I built from the tree up (all lumber sawn on my sawmill) and I can't do any work in it for at least 6 weeks. (Fell in the construction process and damaged the shoulder). AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!

I can identify...

Hi Ed-- I'm ten years from rotator cuff surgery and can recall the feelings and frustrations you describe! Thankfully, the surgery did the job, and the shoulder hasn't held me back since. Good luck with all the healing!