Bring Ogilvy to Assembly?


LOVES Wooden Canoes
I recently offered my big old Chestnut Ogilvy up for sale in the classified section, but am not even getting a nibble. I really would like to sell or trade it, so I was wondering if bringing it to the Assembly would be something to consider. We have never been to an Assembly, but were planning to visit this year's event on Saturday only. Would it be a good idea to bring it along? Thanks for any help!
I think it's worth taking, last year I sold one while unloading on arrival. This year I'm going up w/ two canoes but coming home w/ one. From Assembly I plan on going to Long Lake for the Expo, Sunday, could take it with me. If I have to bring it home, it gives me an excuse to spend a day on Pine Creek or the West Branch. Just a thought.
Gee, I always wanted one of those in either 20' or 22', though I'm not absolutely sure why. If it doesn't sell, you could always stick a few stamps on it, drop it in a mail box and send it this direction.:)