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I posted some of these on the Gerrish Facebook site so I apologize if this isn't new to some.....enjoy. I do not enjoy making closed gunwales, just for the record. Degree of difficulty goes way up even at 1/5th scale. This is the first black canoe that I have done and I painted it with a bit of flattening agent added in the paint, in order to give it that satin look. I also used satin varnish on the interior. I thought it would make it look older. I was happy with the contrast of the spruce gunwales and the dark exterior. The gunwale caps taper narrower than my first Gerrish in order to make it look more authentic, and was not easy to do. I also notched the gunwales to accept the thwarts. Robert Ross suggested doing both. Sure Robert, no problem.....NOT.


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Agreed, we had a devil of a time bending the mahogany for the OT Double Gunnel. Great work, she's beautiful.