Best canvasing book


Hello all, is the "Wood and Canvas Canoe book" the best/ only book you need as a first timer?

I've got an Old Town that needs to be re-canvased. I also saw a post about a video at some point, but can't find it now...

Jerry and Rollin's book is a great place to start, certainly the best book at this time. It shows the "right-side-up" way of canvassing. Rollin's video shows this as well.

I use the "upside-down", as shown in these old articles from Wooden Canoe:

It think the video by Alex Comb at Stewart River demonstrates this method.

These forums are a fantastic place to ask questions and get advice, and our journal, now available as back issues on searchable CD-ROMs, is another great source of how-to articles.
Thanks Dan,
Does that book talk about re-canvasing a sponson boat by chance?
Any literature you know about that does?

"The Wood and Canvas Canoe" does discuss canvasing sponsons, and it is a great read for many reasons. Well worth the purchase. About sponsons, I once had the impression that canvasing them would be a nightmare, but in reality it isn't. Of course it takes more time and materials, but it is not difficult at all. Bottom line- canvasing sponsons is less difficult than and not as much work as a good canvas job on the canoe itself. As always, look to the good folks here for advice. I'd be happy to post photos and discuss the process, as would others I'm sure.

I found the book Jerry wrote about Joe Seliga very helpful, also a very good read about all things canoe, history, uses, people. Especially helpful about recanvassing "upside down" and the tools used to stretch the canvas. I made the claw-shaped tool Joe used and it worked great. Good luck.
Thanks for the info y'all.
I just ordered the Wood and Canvas book - along with the Canoe rig book!
I'm not real familiar with the right side up method, but suspect that this boat would be easier upside down since it is an 18 ft+ and 110lbs!
Another thing I need to look into for this project is exactly how the canvas was finished at the square stern. I'll have a look when I pull the old off, I guess.