bending ribs


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I am replacing ribs in my peterborough otanobbe.Does anybody have any tips for bending that 1 rib that is half under the stem.I've replaced a couple others no problem but this one has a sharp bend and keeps cracking.I am bending on the outside 1 rib smaller
Try predending it over a hot "bending iron". Do you have a short piece of 2 or 3" pipe that you can heat to about 200degF and clamp in a vise. Then using a good bending strap gently pull the center of the steamed rib around the hot pipe? Maybe even keep a steaming hot shop rag between the rib and the strap as you pull the rib around the hot pipe. Then if that works transfer immediately and clamp in place to get the correct final bend. Also, are you using a metal bending strap or a piece of canvas? A metal bending strap will work better than canvas.

Also, pre-soaking the rib overnight helps too. the backer strap of metal is the key, keeps it from breaking. On some canoes I find the very sharp bent ribs are cracked right on the sharpest part.
The last few bent ribs in the bow and stern are really stressed from the severity of the bend. Anything to help the inner fibers compress and the outer fibers stretch/slip will lend to a successful bend as well as "life" of the rib. Has anyone ever thought to use an electric heating blanket like what is used for bending accustic guitar sides these days?