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Curious about Wooden Canoes
So, this is a follow up to an ID help post from a couple of days earlier.
I’m asking the Morris folks out there for help with the model ID….. I’m pretty confident she’s a Morris.

the number on the plate is 12337.
The dimension at the beam is only 31.5, 17 ‘ long.
It appears that the decks( both 24”), thwarts, seats, and rail caps are all mahogany. It also looks like the rail is spruce.

is she possibly a Tuscarora??


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The chart on Dans page is giving the "Extreme Beam", and if I'm reading that correctly, the extreme beam is not the beam at the rail. The Morris canoes have a lot of "tumblehome" which means the boat is wider about 4 to 6inches below the rail. Its hard to know what the beam is at the rail just knowing the extreme beam.