Assembly T-Shirt

Dan Miller

cranky canoeist
Staff member
Does anyone have a photo of the 1991 Rushton Assembly t-shirt they can send my way? Working on this years design, and don't want to duplicate the old one.

Also open to specific suggestions if anyone has a good idea for the shirt this year...

Dan if you got a picture of the Michigan quilt from the raffle or in the journal in October inside front cover is a picture of it but it is small of the t shirt you are looking for.
Thanks Mike. Ralph sent me what I needed... whoever designed the shirt 20 years ago did just about what I had been thinking. Back to the drawing board!

Dan - I also have a copy of a t-shirt that Everett Smith generated some years ago with a Rushton "Canoes, Pleasure Boats and Hunting Boats" original Rushton logo and banner. Everett's shop logo does not appear on this one.